Sponsorship programme

The sponsorship projects of AC International Child Support focus on the prevention of abandonment and the preservation of the integrity of the family in its own environment. The projects do so in the community, in the extended family, in the cultural context. We presently cooperate with sponsorship partners in India, Ethiopia, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. We aim at extending our sponsorship programme to more countries.

The sponsorship programme - as well as all other activities of AC International Child Support - focus on the child's right to grow up in his or her own family in a dignified, secure and harmonious environment.    

Essential elements to the programme are:

  • securing that the child can grow up in the biological family context
  • securing health, education and civil rights for the child as well as for the family
  • reaching out towards the community of the child in order to strengthen joint community responsibility, children's rights and civil rights in the community
  • long term partnerships with the local partners based on mutual confidence.